Wednesday, 6 May 2009

BB King, the king of Soul

His complete name is Riley B. King.
He was born in 16 of september in 1925.
He is 84 years old.
He lives in Ittabena, Misisipi.
He is a famous guitarist of blues and a composer.
He's playing his best music 62 years.
His music is the mother of rock ....
I was listening to his music and it is very
The name of the guitar of Riley is Lucille.
Teacher I know it.
But I don't know this name for a women.
The story of the name of the guitar of BB King is:
Lucille Is the name of the guitar because in one of his performances in Arkansas, there was a fire caused by two men that fight for a woman.The name of this woman was Lucille and he puts his life in danger to save the guitar and called his guitarLucille.
If you want to read the complete story go to wikipedia.
His favourite singer is Frank Sinatra.
And that is all for the moment.