Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gods, godness and heroes from Grece

There are a lot of gods and godness from Grece.
The gods and godness from Grece are:
Zeus:Zeus is in the Greek mythology, God of the sky and sovereign of the Olympic God. Zeus corresponds to the Roman God Jupiter.
Hera:Wound is in the Greek mythology, queen of the God, daughter of the titans Stopwatches and Defendant, sister and woman of the God Zeus. Wound was the goddess of the marriage and the protector of the married women. It was a mother of Till, God of the war, of Hefesto, God of the fire, of Hebe, goddess of the youth, and of Ilitía, goddess of the birth.
Hefesto:Hefesto, in the Greek mythology, God of the fire and of the metalurgia, son of the God Zeus and of the goddess Wound or, in some stories, only son to Wound. As opposed to the other God, Hefesto was lame and gawky.
Artemisa:Ártemis or Artemisa (mythology), in the Greek mythology, one of the main goddesses, equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana. Was a daughter of the God Zeus and of Leto and twin sister of the God Apollo
Apolo:Apolo (mythology), in the Greek mythology, son of the God Zeus and of Leto, daughter of a titan.
Atenea: Atenea, una de las diosas más importantes en la mitología griegaAtenea, una de las diosas más importantes en la mitología griega
Afrodita:Aphrodite, in the Greek mythology, goddess of the love and the beauty, equivalent to the Roman Venus.
Hades:Hades, in the Greek mythology, God of the dead persons.
Poseidón: Poseidón, en la mitología griega, dios del mar, hijo del titán Cronos y la titánide Rea, y hermano de Zeus y Hades.
Ares: Ares, en la mitología griega, dios de la guerra e hijo de Zeus, rey de los dioses, y de su esposa Hera.
Hermes: Hermes, en la mitología griega, mensajero de los dioses, hijo del dios Zeus y de Maya, la hija del titán Atlas.
Dionisio:Dioniso, God of the wine and of the pleasure, was among the most popular God.
There are some heroes and heroines for example:Hercules, Ulises.....

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo

This is Cristiano Ronaldo.
He is very nice. He won
the golden-ball. He robbed
the golden-ball to Lionel
Messi, another good football
player but Cristiano Ronaldo

is more complete. He is
from Madeira in Portugal.
He plays in the Manchester

United ,in England. The
Manchester United is the
best team of England.
This team won the premier
league last year. He scored 33 goals last season.
His game is surprising.
I like Cristiano Ronaldo.
I want talk to him