Wednesday, 6 May 2009

BB King, the king of Soul

His complete name is Riley B. King.
He was born in 16 of september in 1925.
He is 84 years old.
He lives in Ittabena, Misisipi.
He is a famous guitarist of blues and a composer.
He's playing his best music 62 years.
His music is the mother of rock ....
I was listening to his music and it is very
The name of the guitar of Riley is Lucille.
Teacher I know it.
But I don't know this name for a women.
The story of the name of the guitar of BB King is:
Lucille Is the name of the guitar because in one of his performances in Arkansas, there was a fire caused by two men that fight for a woman.The name of this woman was Lucille and he puts his life in danger to save the guitar and called his guitarLucille.
If you want to read the complete story go to wikipedia.
His favourite singer is Frank Sinatra.
And that is all for the moment.

Monday, 27 April 2009

My favourtite paintings

1.-The first picture is La maja desnuda: This picture is painted by Goya in 1797/98. The model adopts an attitude on the sofa with all the body restin in her feet.It is not the same posture that "in the Maja Vestida".

2.- The second picture is La maja vestida:It's similar
to "the maja desnuda" but here she is dressed.

3.- The third picture is Las Meninas: This i
s picture is painted by Velázquez. It is very realistic.

4.-The fourth picture is Los fusilamientos del 3 de mayo: This picture is painted by Goya. The picture represents a dramatic scene of the war.

5.- The fifth picture is "Perro en la arena": This picture is painted by Goya too. The picture represents a dog in the sand.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Skyscrapers by Adrian Mahia

Skyscrapers on PhotoPeach

This is my Slideshow with PhotoPeach.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Learn English

Here you are a very interesting site: Primary games. It is very fun. Here you have got good puzzle.
Enter the page and play.
Enter and enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My kitchen in the present and in the past

This was my kitchen 2 years ago:
There was a high table.
There wasn't a fridge.
There was a small window.
There weren't any chairs.
There were drawers and shelves.

This is my kitchen now:
It is silvery and very comfortable.
There are lots of shelves.
There are two tables.
There is a very large window.
This kitchen is for rich people.
There are a lot of appliances.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Valentine's day

In Valentine's day the lovers
give themselves flowers, gifts.....
In this day the lovers day lovers
wear some clothes red.
I like the love a lot .
And i love this day, is a very
pretty day and is very funny.
Have you got a valentine?
And I?
I don't know.

Jordi Adell Segura

He is from Castellón.
Jordi Adell Segura is a very good teachers trainer and very interested in ICT at school.
For my English teacher is the best in Spain and for me too.
Yesterday he was in our class watching our work in our blogs.
He is a very good person and he is very polite.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

One day in Rudy's Fernandez life

Rudy Fernandez has a shower.
He puts his clothes on.
He has a breakfast.
He puts his clothes on.
He walks and feeds the dog.
And he waters the plants.
He tidys the bedroom.
And cleans the floor.
He does the housework.
He reads the newspaper and
watchs the television.
He goes to the gym and he plays
basketball for three hours.
He has a shower and he goes to
his house.
He cooks the lunch.
And has lunch.
He sleeps for thiry minutes.
He surfs the internet,
and read the newspaper on-line.
He cleans his teeth.
He walks and feeds the dog.
And he reads for ten minutes his
favourite book. Next, he goes to
the gym other time and he plays
basketball for three hours.
He has a shower and goes
to his house. He walks and feeds
the dog.
He cooks the dinner and he has
a dinner.
He takes his clothes off.
And he surfs the internet other time.
He watchs the television.
Finally he goes to the bed.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Virtual Hero

My virtuar hero is Tall and very strong.
His clothes are yellow, blue and red.
He's got a powerful stick for his defense.
He can fly and swim.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

FIFA World Player

This year Cristiano Ronaldo won the FiFA world player.
Marta a player from Brasil won the championship for women.
Amarelle a player from Spain (Coruña) won the championship in soccer beach.
And Falçao a player from Brasil won the championship in football in door.