Thursday, 27 November 2008

Robin Hood and cinema

Robin Hood was a excellent archery.
He was brave and good. He robed from the

rich.Then he gave the money to the
poor. One legend says that Robin Hood
lived in Sherwood Forest in England.
Robin Hood has got four helpers:
Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet and
Maid Marian was Robin Hood's true love.

Sherwood Forest is a very old and
beautiful forest in the center of England.
One tree in the forest -the Major Oak-
is about 800 years old. People say that
Robin Hood used this tree to hide from
the Sheriff of Nottingham.
I like a lot the movies of Robin Hood.
There are a lot of movies about Robin Hood
for example:"The Prince of thieves" - 1948.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon for little children.
When I was a little kid, I liked this cartoon a lot.
Yesterday, it was Mickey's birthday. He is 80 years old.
It' s very fun and famous all over the World.
He's got a girlfriend. Her name is Minie Mouse.
His creator was Walt Disney.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

A game for your English pronunciation

Is a very good game for your pronunciation.
If you want play with this game click
Is very easy write the phrase and you listen
de pronunciation.
If you want see the web page of this game
This web page is very funny.

You can play with the games or upload
to your English blog.
Not only to play but to learn, too.
There are games to practice English but to to learn and play with other many things.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Crossword

If you want to see my crossword click here.And You can make your own.
Write the words and the clues and upload words

My text of Arteixo

Arteixo is very big.In Arteixo there is a school, a swimming pool, a soccer field, etc. There aren't any cinemas, shopping centres ...Arteixo has got 27.713 people.The surface or Arteixo is of 93,68 km. The mayor is Pilar Souto of PSOE Party. The zip code is 15.142. The webpage is .

Arteixo is divided into eleven villages:

Sorrizo: There are 212 people (110 women and 101 men).
Monteagudo: There are 392 people (202 women and 190 men).
Chamín: There are 453 people (232 women and 221 men).
Armentón: There are 414 people (208 men and 206 women). Barrañán: There are 284 people (143 men and 141 women).
Larín: There are 592 people(300 men and 292 women). Lañas: There are 448 people( 230 women and 218 men). Arteixo:There are 9.214 people( 4.628 men and 4.586 women). Loureda: There are 1.404 people (710 men 694 women). Suevos: There are 540 people( 272 women and 268 men) Oseiro: There are 4.361 people (2.195 men and 2.166 women) Pastoriza: There are 6.121 people (3.039 men and 3.082 women) Morás: There are 1.048 people (529 men and 519 women)